Should the Dallas Mavericks sign Jakob Poeltl?

Dallas Mavericks, Jakob Poeltl
Dallas Mavericks, Jakob Poeltl / Omar Rawlings/GettyImages

The Dallas Mavericks' weakest spot on their team is center.

The front office refuses to make game-changing moves at this position, and the team suffers for it. Dwight Powell is arguably the worst starting center in the NBA, and signing JaVale McGee last summer is turning out to be a disaster.

But this year could be different. Dallas could realize that they need to considerably upgrade at center to make a return to the playoffs.

Should the Dallas Mavericks sign Jakob Poetl?

Mavericks Twitter was buzzing this weekend as a fan reportedly talked with Jakob Poeltl at the FIBA 3X3 World Cup in his hometown of Vienna, Austria.

This fan's claims should have MFFLs excited about his upcoming free agency.

The fan told Poeltl that they'd love to have him in Dallas, and 7'1 big man replied that he would be open to it and he "likes the team." Regardless of if this Reddit user is telling the truth or not, Dallas should look into the possibility of bringing in Poeltl in free agency.

Poeltl averaged 12.5 points, 9.1 rebounds, 2.7 assists, 1.2 steals, and 1.3 blocks per game last season and was playing some of his best basketball. He is one of the market's top free-agent centers, and Dallas should look into bringing him in.

Dallas should acquire Poeltl because he would help them tremendously on defense. Poeltl's 2.5 combined steals and blocks per game are elite for the center position and show how great of a rim protector he is. He also doesn't give up much ground when opposing bigs try to back him down and could anchor the Mavs' defense.

He also can switch onto guards when he needs to and has good defensive I.Q.

Poeltl may not be the same type of rim-running and lob-threat big that Dallas has had some success with, but his unique playstyle at center would compliment Luka Doncic and company beautifully.

Poeltl's bread and butter is his back-to-the-basket game and his ability to score in the paint. He has a solid post hook, and he is efficient as they come as his career field goal percentage is 62.8 percent.

Poeltl also has great footwork and is efficient in the pick and roll. He can put the ball on the floor with confidence and finish with a floater or layup through contact. But scoring and defense aren't the only things he can do.

He is also a deadly rebounder on both ends of the floor. Rebounding was one of Dallas' biggest weaknesses last season, and bringing in a big body like Poeltl to help fix their rebounding problem isn't a bad idea.

Another part of Poeltl's game that should intrigue Dallas is his passing. Poeltl has top-notch vision and isn't selfish by any means. He is a smart player that Dallas' shooters would love as he is a selfless passer out of the post.

The Dallas Mavericks will likely look like a different team next season and could have a new starting center. Stay tuned to see what Dallas' next move is and if they pursue Jakob Poeltl in free agency.

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