3 shocking events that could happen to the Mavericks over the next year

Charlotte Hornets v Dallas Mavericks
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2. Luka Doncic suffers a severe injury

As mentioned earlier, Doncic had a great run in the FIBA World Cup. However, injuries were a concern for the Mavs All-Star. Before his match against Italy, Doncic talked about his thigh and how it didn't feel right.

In August, Doncic spoke about his thigh and how it first caused problems in March. He expressed worries and mentioned how the MRI showed nothing of concern. If you remember, this was the same thigh that caused him to miss two games in April.

Doncic's thigh injury should be something Dallas keeps a close eye on. The Mav star has been known to miss some time. During the 2022 Playoffs, he missed the first three games of the team's opening-round series because of a strained left calf.

The four-time All-Star also missed four games in January with an injury to his ankle. Most of his concerns seem to be connected to his ankle or thigh. However, with his thigh not improving, it could be a matter of time before things get worse.

Doncic also played with a neck injury against the Los Angeles Clippers during the 2021 Playoffs.

With his thigh not improving, Dallas should take his injury very seriously. How many games will Doncic miss this season? Could this past injury hinder the team from moving forward?