Mavericks rumors: Could Western Conference rival steal Kyrie Irving away from Dallas?

Dallas Mavericks v Sacramento Kings
Dallas Mavericks v Sacramento Kings / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

All signs are pointing to Kyrie Irving returning to the Dallas Mavericks this summer.

He reportedly wants to shut down the rumors of him wanting to go to Los Angeles, Dallas can pay him more than anyone else, and Dallas doesn't seem to want to orchestrate a sign-and-trade for the star point guard to send him elsewhere.

Irving also seems genuinely happy in Dallas, and fans want him back in blue and white.

Mavericks rumors: Could Western Conference rival steal Kyrie Irving away from Dallas?

There has been no news of potential suitors aggressively pursuing Irving other than the Mavericks. It doesn't seem like anyone wants Irving as badly as the Mavericks do, and it looks like the star point guard will sign for a near-max contract.

But one report from Sunday could change everything.

NBA insider Marc Stein reported that "I have also heard that the Rockets, in the event that they are unable to lure Harden away from Philadelphia and back to Houston, plan to weigh at a run at Dallas' Kyrie Irving."

Stein later said that Dallas is the only team with a confirmed interest in Irving, but the Rockets "have been increasingly cited as a team that could (stress: could) join the bidding if Harden elects to stay with the 76ers."

This news could be groundbreaking as the Rockets have plenty of cap space that they could use to sign Irving to a massive contract if they don't land Harden. Although things look great for the Mavs to land Irving now, things could change quickly.

If the Rockets don't land Harden, they could aggressively pursue Irving. He has no guaranteed loyalty to Dallas after the "handshake deal" from before the trade was reported false and is in "no rush" to make a decision this summer.

Irving will likely go where the most money is, which will assumably be Dallas, but the Rockets could throw Irving a bigger offer if Dallas gets cautious. This will be something to monitor going forward as the first potential suitor to lure away Irving in free agency has emerged.

Stay tuned to see what happens for Irving in free agency and if any new teams emerge to try to sign him. The Kyrie Irving trade will be ruled as a massive failure for Dallas if they can't re-sign him, and we'll have you covered with all the news and rumors surrounding the star point guard this summer.