Mavericks rumors: Kyrie Irving gives update on his upcoming free agency

Kyrie Irving, Dallas Mavericks
Kyrie Irving, Dallas Mavericks / Ron Jenkins/GettyImages

The Dallas Mavericks' biggest summer priority was trending on Wednesday afternoon as Kyrie Irving went to Instagram Live and broke some news that Dallas fans may not want to hear.

He said he is in "no rush to make a decision" regarding free agency this summer.

This comes a few days after Eric Pincus of Bleacher Report reported that there was a "handshake deal" in place between Irving and Dallas before they traded for him.

Mavericks rumors: Kyrie Irving says he's in "no rush" to make free agent decision, was "handshake agreement" a lie?

Irving's words on Wednesday don't seem to reflect that, and Dallas fans should strap in because the free agency drama surrounding the Mavericks is just getting started.

Irving later said that the speculation around him going to different teams in free agency needs to stop.

"When they speak on my name and they're talking about potential teams that I'm going to, can y'all please stop paying attention to that. I'm in no rush to make a decision and I know what's ahead of me for the rest of my career."

Could this mean Irving wants to remain in Dallas for the remainder of his career? Or does it mean he's planning to test the waters of free agency and meet with other teams despite the reported "handshake deal"?

No one knows other than Irving, but this is something for fans to keep their eyes on. Dallas is going to do whatever they can to retain Irving, but a sudden change of heart could cause them to lose him for nothing.

After Wednesday's Instagram Live, it seems that fans are going to wait longer than expected when it comes to knowing who Irving signs with this summer. It doesn't seem to be a done deal between Dallas and Irving, so buckle up.

This is going to be a crucial summer for the Dallas Mavericks, and the trade for Irving will inevitably be ruled a failure if he signs somewhere else. Stay tuned to see what team Irving will be playing for next season and for all the latest on Luka Doncic and the Mavs.

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