NBA rumors: Mavericks' trade talks for elite center still brewing

Atlanta Hawks v Chicago Bulls
Atlanta Hawks v Chicago Bulls / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

The Dallas Mavericks have had a great offseason as they re-signed Kyrie Irving, drafted two elite rookies in Olivier-Maxence Prosper and Dereck Lively II, and added Grant Williams through a sign and trade.

Each of these moves added a player that will fit great next to Luka Doncic, and with Irving's contract length lining up with Doncic's (depends on if Irving and Doncic accept their player options), the Mavs have to go win now.

And one of the best ways that they can win now is by trading for a starting center. Although they drafted Lively II, traded for Richaun Holmes, and re-signed Dwight Powell, they still need a better big. Holmes could end up being a good starter if given the chance, but a trade for a big man is ideal for Dallas.

NBA trade rumors: Mavericks talks with elite center are "not dead"

Around the time of the draft, the Mavericks were linked to Atlanta Hawks center Clint Capela. The two teams were discussing a deal that would involve Dallas trading back to 15, along with acquiring a player from the Hawks. Dallas wanted Capela in that deal, but Atlanta wanted to trade John Collins, and Dallas didn't seem to be interested.

The only way Dallas could have gotten Capela was if Josh Green was in the draft day deal, and Dallas doesn't seem to want to trade him.

These talks stalled as Dallas and Atlanta didn't make a draft night trade, but have recently restarted as the Mavs could reportedly get involved as the third team in a Pascal Siakam trade between Dallas and Atlanta as they'd be looking to trade for Capela.

Although the rumors of Dallas wanting to be the third team in an Atlanta and Toronto trade centered around Siakam are about a week old, the "Capela deal isn't dead," according to Mavericks Insider Brian Dameris.

Capela would be a huge pickup for the Mavericks, and a three-team trade involving Siakam would be the perfect time to get him, as Toronto "doesn't really want Capela," according to Dameris. He averaged 12 points, 11 rebounds, and 1.2 blocks per game last season for the Hawks.

Capela would be the perfect center to pair with Doncic. He protects the rim, rebounds, and is a great lob catcher. We've seen how great Doncic can be with a lob-catching big, and Capela is a match made in heaven.

We may have to wait a while to see how the Siakam trade unfolds (if it happens), so stay tuned to see if the Mavericks can get involved and acquire Capela to be Doncic's pick-and-roll partner of the future.