Rumors: NBA figures upset by Mavericks star Luka Doncic's complaining to referees

Germany v Slovenia: Group K - FIBA Basketball World Cup
Germany v Slovenia: Group K - FIBA Basketball World Cup / Takashi Aoyama/GettyImages

Slovenia's FIBA World Cup run officially ended last weekend as Luka Doncic and company finished seventh overall.

That is an impressive finish, especially since they held their own against Canada, but that isn't even the biggest storyline from Slovenia at the FIBA World Cup.

Despite Doncic playing exceptional basketball and averaging 27.0 points, 7.1 rebounds, and 6.1 assists per game, all that anyone is talking about when it comes to Doncic is his complaining to referees.

Doncic ended up getting two technical fouls in Sloeevnia's loss to Canada and got ejected. This is a common theme for Doncic, and it is one of the biggest things holding him back from being the best player in the NBA.

Most star players complain in the NBA, but over the last few years, Doncic has taken his complaining to another level. In back-to-back seasons he received a 16th technical foul, which resulted in a one-game suspension. The NBA did end up rescinding both technical fouls, so Doncic never got a suspension in either season, but the fact that he is close to breaking that threshold in the last two seasons is concerning.

After his most recent run of complaining at the FIBA World Cup, which included the previously mentioned ejection, it sounds like the NBA is fed up.

Jake Fischer of Yahoo Sports reported that several NBA figures who were at the FIBA World Cup were "turned off" by Doncic's complaining, and "his demeanor with referees has officially become something of note."

This is not a great sign for Dallas Mavericks fans, as it sounds like the NBA could officially be cracking down on Doncic's complaining with referees. It is unclear and unknown how the NBA will address this, but it could mean Doncic's leash with referees could get shorter than it already is.

Referees go into games knowing that Doncic is going to be complaining to them all night, and although it's not supposed to be this way, it likely causes calls to not go his way. Why would a referee want to help out a player who complains to them every other time down the floor?

Doncic admitted after the game against Canada that he got ejected from that oftentimes he can't control his actions, but something has to change. If the Mavericks want to contend for the NBA Finals, they need their superstar to be at his top form.

Doncic and the Mavs would benefit tremendously if he toned down his complaining to referees, and it could help him take his game to another level. On defense possessions that Doncic takes off because he is on the other end complaining, he could start hustling back and help his teammates.

There are little ways that Doncic can squash this issue, but it remains unknown if he will do his best to stop it. We've seen him in the past say that he sings songs in his head and curses at the referees in a different language to avoid getting technical fouls, but neither tactic seems to work.

Doncic is still young and has plenty of time to mature, but the NBA could crack down on his complaining soon to try to keep it at a minimum.

Will Luka Doncic's complaining finally end this season? Can the Dallas Mavericks contend for the NBA Finals consistently with Luka at his best?

Both of those questions will be answered soon, and we'll have you covered.