Could this denied trade offer for star center ruin the Dallas Mavericks' offseason?

Dallas Mavericks v Phoenix Suns - Game Two
Dallas Mavericks v Phoenix Suns - Game Two / Christian Petersen/GettyImages
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How Dallas' decision to not make this trade could be catastrophic

Dallas' failure to make this trade could turn out catastrophic if they can't make a move for a starting center.

As mentioned before, this trade would have given Dallas their starting center for the next few years in Deandre Ayton. If they made this trade, they would have been able to fully focus the rest of the offseason on adding a wing to add into the mix.

Since Dallas didn't want to accept the trade, they now must focus on multiple different things. They reportedly want to trade Tim Hardaway Jr., JaVale McGee, and Richaun Holmes, need a new wing, and need a new starting center. If Dallas made this trade, all they would have had to do was dump McGee and find a new wing.

Now Dallas' hands are full, as they are looking to trade three different players and still need a new wing and center. Things would have been much easier if Dallas just made the move for Ayton. They had a deal in their lap for a starting center, and they didn't take it. Dallas has needed a starting center for so long, and they got too greedy because they wanted to include McGee in the deal, while Phoenix didn't want him.

If Dallas can't make a trade to dump McGee, they would end up having to cut him. Rather than pairing him with another piece and getting some value for him, they would lose him for nothing. This trade that never happened could have consequences that run deeper than just Ayton. There were so many parts of this trade that would have benefitted Dallas beyond Ayton.

In my opinion, that trade was a no-brainer, but Dallas could have bigger plans in the works. The details of the trade could also be skewed. Marc Stein is one of the most trusted sources for NBA news, but the only people who truly know the details of the potential trade from draft night are the Mavs and Suns.

Stay tuned to see what other moves the Mavs make and if Dallas can land a new starting center. We'll have you covered with all the news and rumors surrounding the Mavs, so stay tuned.