Rumors: Mavericks eyeing elite center, reportedly 'on the trade block'

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In a recent episode of "The Hoop Collective" podcast, ESPN's Tim MacMahon, Tim Bontemps, and Brian Windhorst discussed the intriguing possibility of the Dallas Mavericks pursuing veteran center Clint Capela from the Atlanta Hawks.

The 2023-24 NBA season could see a significant roster reshuffle for the Mavericks as they search for a new center to elevate their game.

During the discussion, Tim Macmohan gave an idea that the Mavs could really consider a center like Clint Capela, who is "on the (trade) block" according to MacMahon. It's no secret that the Mavs want to trade for a starting center, and Capela could be the perfect big man to pair with Luka Doncic.

Rumors: Mavericks eyeing elite center reportedly 'on the trade block'

Doncic is elite in the pick and roll, and having a lob catcher like Capela next to him would be monumental.

"The Mavericks would love to have that kind of starting center."

Tim MacMahon on Capela

Currently, the Mavericks' center position consists of players like Dwight Powell, Richaun Holmes, JaVale McGee (although it looks like he'll be traded or waived soon), and 19-year-old Dereck Livelly II. While they have a mix of talent, experience, and potential, the team lacks a dominant presence in the center role. This is where Capela, a seasoned and formidable center, enters the picture.

The 6-foot-10 Swiss sensation has been a standout performer for the Atlanta Hawks and could be a perfect fit for the Mavericks' roster. The Mavericks seem interested in acquiring Capela, who is now on the trade block during the current offseason.

Capela's impact on the court cannot be understated. Last season, he appeared in 65 games for the Hawks, making 63 starts. Averaging an impressive 12.0 points, 11.0 rebounds, and 1.2 blocks per game while shooting an incredible 65.3 percent from the field, Capela showcased his defensive prowess and scoring ability.

His ability to protect the rim and provide a reliable scoring threat in the paint would be a valuable addition to the Mavericks. With his outstanding lob threat down low and shot-blocking skills, Capela could significantly bolster the team's defensive presence in the paint.

Moreover, Capela's experience and leadership would benefit the Mavericks, especially in high-stakes games and playoff situations. Having been in the league for nine NBA seasons, Capela's presence could help guide and mentor the young players on the team, including rising star Luka Doncic.

The acquisition of Capela would undoubtedly be a game-changer for the Mavericks as they look to build a more competitive and well-rounded roster. His presence would provide much-needed stability and depth to the center position, an area where the Mavericks have felt somewhat deprived in recent times.

While the Mavericks have shown interest in Capela, it remains to be seen how the trade negotiations will unfold. The Hawks value their talented center, and any potential deal would have to be carefully negotiated. It seems like the most likely avenue for the Mavericks to acquire Capela would be through a three-team trade if the Hawks trade for Pascal Siakam.

With the new season fast approaching, the Mavericks are eager to secure the services of a top-tier center, and Capela perfectly fits the bill. His exceptional skill set and contributions on both ends of the floor make him an ideal target for the Mavericks.

As the NBA offseason progresses, all eyes will be on the Mavericks' front office to see if they can pull off a blockbuster deal and welcome Clint Capela to Dallas. His presence could be the missing piece that elevates the Mavericks to true title contenders. Luka Doncic has never played with a center as skilled as Capela, and it would open up another aspect of his game.

Capela would be Doncic's pick-and-roll partner of the future and anchor Dallas' defense for years to come.

We'll have you covered with the latest news and rumors surrounding the Mavs this offseason, so stay tuned.