5 Reasons the Dallas Mavericks shouldn't trade Tim Hardaway Jr.

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1. Versatility

Ultimately, one of the biggest reasons the Mavericks should keep Tim Hardaway Jr. is his role versatility. His ability to fix the hole in any lineup can serve so many purposes for this team.

His ability to seamlessly adapt to different roles on the court is a testament to his overall skillset. Whether it's functioning as a primary scorer, a floor spacer, or a reliable defender, Hardaway Jr. offers a multifaceted skill set that significantly contributes to the team's success.

Moreover, as the Mavericks explore different lineups and strategic approaches, Hardaway Jr.'s willingness and capability to embrace different roles make him a real rotation piece. Whether the team requires a scoring spark off the bench or a reliable starter, Hardaway Jr. has consistently demonstrated his capacity to fulfill these roles effectively.

In today's NBA, having a player with the flexibility to assume various roles is an invaluable asset. Showcasing a well-rounded game that can also contribute to the longevity of Hardaway Jr.'s time with the Mavericks and his overall time in the NBA.

As the season unfolds, let's hope Tim Hardaway Jr. continues to prove doubters wrong after summer trade talks, solidifying his impactful role for the Mavericks.

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