3 Reasons why Mavericks fans will love Seth Curry

Seth Curry is no stranger to the Dallas Mavericks. Could a third reunion be the key to a winning formula?
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The Dallas Mavericks revamped their roster this offseason by acquiring players through free agency or trade. Some new additions include Richaun Holmes, Grant Williams, and recently Derrick Jones Jr. However, one under-the-radar move was the acquisition of Seth Curry.

Last week, our own Noah Weber wrote about Curry's signing. He mentioned how NBA reporter Brain Martin labeled his acquisition one of the top underrated moves from this past offseason.

The former Mav was a fan favorite when he first arrived in 2016. During that season, he became a lethal shooter from three. He knocked down 45 percent of his shots from long-range that year. It is his shooting and charismatic attitude that fans have come to love about him.

3 Reasons why Mavericks fans will love Seth Curry

Recently, His brother Steph Curry labeled him as one of the top shooters in the league.

In an interview with Complex Sports, the former MVP was questioned about who the top three shooters were in the league. He mentioned teammate Klay Thomson, Damian Lillard, and brother Seth. Both brothers are pretty identical when it comes to their shooting numbers.

Last season, the Warriors' Curry knocked down 49.3 percent of his field goals. As for the Mavs' new potential sixth man, he made 46.3 percent of his attempts. In three-pointers, the older brother held the edge by 2.5 percent. However, it was not too long ago that Seth outshot Steph by a wide margin.

During the 2021-22 season, Seth made 46.8 percent of his attempted threes. This percentage was 8.8 higher than his brother's. It's no question Dallas has a shooter on their hands.

So what's not to love about Seth?

Here are three reasons why Mavs' fans will come to love Seth Curry all over again.