3 reasons why Christian Wood didn't work on the Dallas Mavericks

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2. Christian Wood didn't have the best attitude

You could tell throughout the season (and especially at the end of the season) that Christian Wood did not want to be in the city of Dallas. It even goes back further than that when he was with the Houston Rockets. According to Space City Scoop, they mentioned in their article that Wood had some maturity issues that led to the front office looking for a trade partner. He refused to go into a game and was suspended for one game by the organization.

You could even see his maturity issue on September 6 when Christian Wood announced he signed with the Los Angeles Lakers. In an interview after signing with the Lakers, he mentioned that he can't wait for a bigger role compared to his role in Dallas. I could see why the Mavericks were trying to trade him late in the season at the trade deadline, and even considering working out a sign-and-trade this offseason.

There have even been rumors that every coach that Wood has had hasn't wanted him. Here's Wood's first statement as a member of the Lakers that throws shade at the Mavs.

Wood's statement seems very distasteful to say after the Mavericks wanted to give you an opportunity to compete for a title and make the playoffs for the first time in your career. When I saw the news broke Tuesday night, I was hoping that he would thank the Mavericks fanbase. His statement that he made basically sealed ever returning to the Mavericks organization.

Personally, that statement tells me Dallas made the right decision to pass on him this offseason and go after a veteran center like Richaun Holmes. You can tell that Holmes is grateful for the opportunity to put on a Mavericks jersey and to do whatever it takes to go win an NBA Title.