Ranking Mavericks players from least to most likely to be traded before next year

As the new season inches closer and closer, let's rank the Dallas Mavericks players by least to most likely to be traded before training camp.
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5-4: Josh Green, Richaun Holmes

5. Josh Green

Josh Green had a breakout season for the Mavericks last year, as he developed into a starting-caliber role player after not seeing the floor as much in his first two years. Green showed ability as a playmaker, above-average shooter from deep, and a tertiary ball handler next to Luka and Kyrie. He also tamed his chaotic defense. Green fouled less and took fewer gambles en route to being one of the Mavericks' top head-up defenders last season.

Green and his camp have reportedly started contract extension talks with Dallas while he is currently with the Australian men's national team ahead of FIBA World Cup play. Both sides have a mutual interest in getting a deal done ahead of the October 23rd deadline to keep Green in Dallas in the coming years.

However, Green proved to be one of the more valuable young assets for the Mavericks last year, so teams will not shy away from trying to pry him away from Dallas if the Mavs engage themselves in more trade discussions ahead of trading camp. It's doubtful Green is traded, but you never know what route the Mavericks could take if talks on an extension fall apart.

4. Richaun Holmes

After the Dallas Mavericks added Richaun Holmes at the beginning of the offseason during draft night, it was rumored he could still be on the move if the Mavs were able to find a way to expand their trade with the Kings. The deal was finalized on July 6, though, subsequently bringing the 29-year-old big man to Dallas. Since Holmes was recently traded, he can only be traded on his own until September 4, when he will then be able to be shipped in aggregate with other players.

Holmes rode the bench due to injuries and the prioritization of franchise big man Domantas Sabonis last season, but he's hopeful he can rekindle his rim-running and presence on the glass in a fresh start with the Mavs. Given Holmes doesn't have any longstanding continuity with the Mavericks compared to some of the other guys on this list and was on the chopping block before he was officially acquired by Dallas, don't be surprised if he's included in a trade at some point this season.

It's less likely he'll be traded ahead of training camp, but there are no stipulations preventing him from being included in any trade starting September 4, which is roughly a month before Mavericks training camp, so we'll see.