6 Dallas Mavericks players who need monster second halves to save their jobs

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1. Josh Green

Dallas Mavericks young guard Josh Green is someone who teams were interested in over the summer of 2023, but Dallas decided to keep him. Dallas continued to reportedly turn down offers that included Green up to this year's trade deadline, and the Mavs found a way to keep him while also trading for P.J. Washington and Daniel Gafford.

Green is one of Dallas' best assets, and the Mavs were able to pull off two impactful moves without including him in either deal. He was reportedly drawing interest from Charlotte while the teams were discussing a deal centered around Washington, but Dallas ended up being able to keep him.

Green is playing the best basketball of his career over the last few weeks, and he has been playing with consistency. His consistency has been a major question mark throughout the early stages of his career, and if he can keep playing like he has been, he'll be a starter in Dallas for years to come.

If Green doesn't end up fitting well next to Dallas' new-look core, he could become expendable after this season. He is an attractive trade piece for teams looking for a young guard, and his newly signed contract is at good value.

It seems like Green will be a Dallas Maverick moving forward, as he fits great on Dallas' timeline, considering how much he has developed as a shooter and overall player over the last two years, but anything can happen in the NBA.

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