6 Dallas Mavericks players who are eligible to be traded, 6 who aren't

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The Dallas Mavericks are off to a phenomenal start to the season, and everyone seems to be clicking. The Mavericks' most recent victory came on Monday night, as they defeated the Memphis Grizzlies on the road to improve to 13-8.

Even with Dallas' injuries to Maxi Kleber, Josh Green, Kyrie Irving, and Grant Williams, they are finding a way to win games.

Luka Doncic is also playing some of the best basketball of his career, and he and Dereck Lively II are turning into one of the best pick-and-roll duos in the NBA.

6 Dallas Mavericks players who are eligible to be traded, 6 who aren't

Even with Dallas' early success, it still appears they may be a move away. The Mavs' defense and rebounding are still problems, and they could look to the trade market to address these issues.

Later this week, on December 15, players who were newly signed over the summer will be eligible to be traded. Three months must have passed since their contract was signed, and December 15 is team's first chance to deal any player that was signed on or before September 15.

Here are six Dallas Mavericks players who are eligible to be traded now, and six who aren't eligible yet.

12. Eligible to be traded: Olivier-Maxence Prosper

The Dallas Mavericks made headlines when they traded back into the first round to select Olivier-Maxence Prosper. This was a shock to many, and fans couldn't wait to see Prosper on the floor.

Although many fans had extremely high hopes for Prosper before the year and all signs were pointing to him being a big rotation piece for Dallas this season, he hasn't performed as well as origingally expected.

This season for Dallas, Prosper is averaging 2.8 points, 1.7 rebounds, and 0.7 assists per game while shooting 35.7 percent from the field and 26.3 percent from three. Prosper has shown signs that he will be just fine here in a few years, including a 19-point game for the Texas Legends and an 11-point outing last night, but do the Mavs have time to wait for his development?

Dallas wants to win right now, and if the right deal presents itself, they could include Prosper at this point of the season. It doesn't seem that Dallas would trade Prosper already, especially since they traded back into the first round to get him and due to his high potential, but it is still a possibility.