6 Dallas Mavericks players who could potentially be traded this week

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After 21 games, the Dallas Mavericks are sitting at 13-8 and third in the Western Conference.

A big part of their increased success this season compared to last season was the moves they made during the offseason. They turned their weak core of role players into a strong one, as they focussed on bringing in players that compliment Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving.

Dallas struck gold in the draft by selecting Dereck Lively II with the No. 12 overall selection and made several great moves in free agency, including a sign and trade for Grant Williams and signing Derrick Jones Jr.

6 Dallas Mavericks players who could potentially be traded this week

All three of the aforementioned players have been consistent starters for Dallas, and a big part of their fast start has been due to them.

Although Dallas has had a great start, they still need another piece or two. Starting on December 15, Dallas can trade players that they signed this offseason. The rule states that teams must wait three months after signing a player before trading them, and December 15 is the team's first chance to trade newly signed players from the offseason.

Here are six Dallas Mavericks players who can be traded starting on December 15.

6. Markieff Morris

Markieff Morris came to Dallas as part of the Kyrie Irving trade back in February and re-signed with the Mavs on a one-year contract this summer. In four games this season, Morris is averaging 2.6 points, 1.2 rebounds, and 0.4 assists per game while shooting 29.4 percent from the field.

It was known that Morris wouldn't play much when he signed the deal, and losing him wouldn't be much of a loss for Dallas.

Morris has played in the last two games, majorly because of the injuries to Dallas and the fact that they were blowing out the Jazz last week, but I don't see his playing time continuing once the squad gets fully healthy.

He does provide a veteran voice in the locker room and I'm sure he meshes well with the team, but if a team happens to want him via trade starting this week, I don't think Dallas would bat an eye.