5 Dallas Mavericks players who have been disappointments to start season

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1. Olivier-Maxence Prosper

Olivier-Maxence Prosper is a rookie and hasn't been horrible when he's been on the floor, but he has been a bit of a disappointment considering what fans expected him to be.

The bar for Prosper was set extremely high heading into the season as rumors were flying that he'd be a crucial piece for Dallas, and he later was in the starting lineup to start the preseason but has lost that spot since.

When on the floor during the preseason, Prosper struggled. His offensive game lacked confidence and his shooting wasn't there. During the regular season, Prosper hasn't gotten to play many meaningful minutes yet but hasn't made much of an impact when on the floor.

He is averaging 2.2 points and 1.5 rebounds per game while shooting 16.7 percent from downtown. These numbers aren't great, but it also must be considered that Prosper has only been playing 5.7 minutes per game.

Prosper still has plenty of potential and could end up being a crucial rotation piece for Dallas later in the season, but he doesn't look ready just yet. Mavs head coach Jason Kidd sent him down to the G League earlier this season, and he showed some promise, but it may be a few months before he makes a big impact.

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