Dallas Mavericks' No. 1 monster target in 2024 NBA Draft is clear

Bronny James
Bronny James / David Becker/GettyImages

The Dallas Mavericks are now looking ahead to the 2024 NBA Draft.

While the Dallas Mavericks have the very last pick of the draft, the organization might be looking to spice things up.

Could Dallas be trying to pull off the potentially the greatest free agent signing in NBA history?

Mavericks look to get Bronny James in 2024 NBA Draft

There have been reports recently on LeBron James's son, Bronny falling to the Mavericks in the NBA Draft.

The first report came last weekend with NBA insider Marc Stein. where he said the Mavs "would have interest" in drafting James.

NBA Draft analyst Jonathan Givony provided some more insight, mentioning Rich Paul's name, the agent of James. Paul says that Mavericks General Manager Nico Harrison has a personal connection with James.

Harrison has his connections, and that certainly lies true with him and the James family.
"If the Lakers don't take (Bronny) at 55, Dallas would take him at 58 and give him a guaranteed deal," Paul said.

James playing in the NBA after limited playing time in his freshman year at USC has been a controversy on sports talk shows. It'd be a bold move for any team to draft him.

The topic of Dallas drafting Bronny James. has been rumored since May, as an obvious attempt to lure in LeBron to play with his son.

The big three of Luka Doncic, Kyrie Irving and LeBron could be something unlike the league has ever seen. LeBron has hinted at joining Irving as a teammate again, once praising Irving for being a naturally gifted basketball player. LeBron even called Doncic his "favorite player" years ago.

LeBron went as far as to compare himself to Doncic a few years ago. "The way he plays the game reminds me of the way I play the game," LeBron said.

Doncic grew up being inspired by LeBron and the praise has been returned ever since these two stars have been in the NBA together.

"I was able to inspire a kid that wasn't even in America."

LeBron James

There's obvious love in the air between these three future Hall of Fame players. While LeBron only has so much time left in his career, there would be great chemistry in Dallas if they were able to pull off arguably the greatest free agency signing in team history through a sign and trade with the Los Angeles Lakers.