NBA Rookie Power Rankings: Dereck Lively II re-enters top 5 after dominant week

Dallas Mavericks v Los Angeles Lakers
Dallas Mavericks v Los Angeles Lakers / Katelyn Mulcahy/GettyImages
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On Wednesday, the Dallas Mavericks took on the Los Angeles Lakers for a Western Conference showdown. The Mavs would fall early to the Lakers and never regain another lead for the remainder of the game. In the second half, the Lakers opened by scoring 42 points in the third quarter, making it impossible for the Mavericks to make a comeback.

After missing the previous three games, the Mavericks welcomed Luka Doncic back from injury. Fans were hopeful the team would build on their most recent win over New Orleans, but the Mavs couldn't get any offensive rhythm despite their superstar being back.

The Mavericks shot just 27 percent from behind the arc and failed to create any second-chance points with Dereck Lively II not on the floor. Lakers center, Anthony Davis, was a massive figure on the boards and recorded five offensive rebounds.

NBA Rookie Power Rankings: Dereck Lively II re-enters top 5 after dominant week

The need for an upgrade at the forward position has never been greater for Dallas, but after Pascal Siakam was traded to the Indiana Pacers, who is still on the board for Dallas? If the Mavericks are looking to go the third star route, Blazers forward Jerami Grant could be the answer as the team has reportedly "kept tabs" on him.

Another player that has spiked the Mavericks' and fans' interest could be Hornets forward P.J. Washington.

Despite all the rumors and news swirling around regarding trades, the Mavericks still have until the February 8 trade deadline to make a deal. In the meantime, they will need to rely on their rookie center Lively II, who was reportedly deemed untouchable. With this in mind, let's take a look at this week's NBA Rookie Power Rankings.

10. Ausar Thompson

Last week's rank: 8

Ausar Thompson has had a slight decline in ranking over these past few weeks and is now in danger of dropping out of the rankings entirely. Thompson's production and shooting continue to decline as we meet the halfway mark in the season.

9. Jordan Hawkins

Last week's rank: 10

Climbing up the rankings in recent weeks is Jordan Hawkins. Hawkins slammed the door shut against the Mavericks by scoring 34 points off the bench. His production alongside minutes continues to skyrocket with the Pelicans.

8. Scoot Henderson

Last week's rank: 7

Scoot Henderson has reclaimed himself as one of the top rookies in his class but will drop in this week's rankings. Scoot is only shooting 36 percent from the field, but after seeing the Blazers' miserable record, fans can understand why.

7. Brandin Podziemski

Last week's rank: 5

Brandin Podziemski has quietly looked like one of the top ten talents of his draft class. Unfortunately, he will drop in this week's rankings after six other names look more impressive.

6. Keyonte George

Last week's rank: 9

Keyonte George has become the highest flyer in this week's ranking after being in ninth place the previous week. Since returning from a devastating ankle injury, George has led the Utah Jazz to a 10-3 record. George has become the team's lead point guard at times and has found ways to get guys open.