Dallas Mavericks trade targets ranked from probable to pipe dream

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As they enter the second half of the NBA season, the Dallas Mavericks are sitting at 24-18 and are in seventh place in the Western Conference.

This is a solid start, especially considering the constant doubt coming from the national media before the season, and the Mavs look like a team that could make a deep playoff run depending on when everyone can get healthy.

Dallas is still without Dante Exum, and Luka Doncic just returned. Getting fully healthy is vital for the Mavs to keep this trend of winning going.

Dallas Mavericks trade targets ranked from probable to pipe dream

Even with the solid start, it's evident that the Mavs want to make a move at the trade deadline. Dallas reportedly wants to upgrade their frontcourt and has been in trade rumors for multiple players around the league.

Here we rank Dallas Mavericks trade targets from probable to pipe dream. This list will include players that Dallas has been in trade rumors for as well as players who likely won't even get moved at the deadline.

11. Dorian Finney-Smith

The Dallas Mavericks made a massive trade at the 2023 trade deadline when they traded for Kyrie Irving.

This move has worked out fantastically for Dallas, as they re-signed Irving in the offseason and he has been a great duo partner for Luka Doncic, but the Mavs did have to give up a crucial asset in this move.

The Mavs had to send Dorian Finney-Smith to the Nets as part of this deal, and he has been missed dearly in Dallas.

Finney-Smith was so great for the Mavs because of his lockdown perimeter defense and his 3-point shooting. He is the definition of a great 3-and-D wing, and it hurt fans to see him go to Brooklyn.

Finney-Smith is someone who the Mavs have already shown interest in trading for this season, and Doncic has made it clear that he wants to play with him again.

Both of these factors combined with the fact that Finney-Smith would also like to return to Dallas one day makes it seem like a move for him could be on the way. The Nets are commanding a hefty asking price, but maybe they can settle on a deal that works out for both teams.

The Mavs just dealt with the Nets at the last trade deadline, so a trade for Finney-Smith wouldn't be too shocking.