NBA MVP Power Rankings: Luka Doncic rises after 73-point performance, who falls?

Dallas Mavericks v Atlanta Hawks
Dallas Mavericks v Atlanta Hawks / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages
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After Saturday night's loss to the Sacramento Kings, the Mavericks are now 25-21 in the Western Conference. Their margin of error has grown thin after falling to the eighth seed.

Despite the loss, both Luka Doncic and Grant Williams had great games after playing heavy minutes the night before. Williams finally had a breakout performance, as he finished the game with 27 points and three steals. With Doncic, it was more of what we've seen over the past few weeks. A 28-point triple-double.

After a record-shattering night from Doncic, where he dropped 73 points in Atlanta, fans were unsure if the Slovenian would even play. He not only played but also played a key role in helping the Mavericks overcome a 23-point deficit. Regardless of the comeback attempt from the Mavs, they still lost 120-115.

NBA MVP Power Rankings: Luka Doncic rises after 73-point performance, who falls?

While Kyrie Irving has been sidelined with an injury, the Mavs have struggled to gain any ground. They've dropped multiple games embarrassingly, and have failed to find any help for Doncic outside of Williams' 27-point game against the Kings.

For Dallas, it has become a critical time for the team to make a move. After seeing their superstar wield his way to a win over Atlanta, this should be a message to the front office that the team needs to make win-now moves.

After seeing Doncic score the fourth-most points in a game (73), let's take a look at this week's MVP Power Rankings and see what has shaken up.

10. Devin Booker

Last week's rank: N/A

Devin Booker and the Phoenix Suns have swept through the Western Conference in recent weeks. Booker has scored at a record pace and hasn't showed any signs of slowing down after dropping a 62-point game.

9. Anthony Edwards

Last week's rank: 10

Despite struggling over the last two weeks, Anthony Edwards has kept his Timberwolves team afloat in the West. The T-Wolves have now lost to the San Antonio Spurs and the Charlotte Hornets in the same week.

8. Domantas Sabonis

Last week's rank: 8

Domantas Sabonis has shrugged off the Kings' most recent struggles. He and the Kings have now won three in a row and have put their four-game slip in the rearview mirror. Expect Sabonis to climb the rankings if the Kings continue to win games.

7. Jayson Tatum

Last week's rank: 6

Jayson Tatum and the Boston Celtics have reached their first confusing stretch of basketball. After winning three straight, including going 2-0 in a back-to-back stretch in Texas, The Celtics have now been blown out by the LA Clippers. This could be one bump in the road, or this could be a concerning sign for fans.

6. Kawhi Leonard

Last week's rank: 7

Kawhi Leonard has skyrocketed in recent weeks with his team's performance. Leonard may not be in real consideration for the MVP award, but he has led his team to a 30-14 record. If the Clippers continue to steamroll over the best teams, they could prove to be a championship-winning team.