NBA Insider drops trade rumor that will break Dallas Mavericks fans' hearts

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The Dallas Mavericks are looking to get their season back on track after only going 10-11 since their Christmas Day win over the Phoenix Suns. A combination of injuries and a lack of defense has hindered the Mavericks all season, which is why they are currently eighth in the Western Conference.

With just two days before the NBA's annual regular season trade deadline approaches, the Mavericks are desperately trying to upgrade in multiple categories. One position the Mavericks need to upgrade is the power forward position. With the lack of size and rebounding capabilities surrounding the four spots, it's no wonder the Mavs have been trying to make that positional upgrade.

Multiple names have popped up on both fans and the front office's radar, but no name might be more linked to Dallas than Golden State's Andrew Wiggins.

NBA Insider drops trade rumor that will break Dallas Mavericks fans' hearts

Wiggins would bring Dallas a much-needed upgrade to both rebounding and defense, but the Mavs may direct their attention to a cheaper contract. Wiggins is currently on a four-year $109 million deal.

A player that Dallas has been linked to who would come with a cheaper contract would be none other than Brooklyn Nets forward Dorian Finney-Smith. The former Mav would bring much-needed perimeter shot-making along with perimeter defense. However, according to Yahoo Sports Jake Fischer, the Mavericks may not be interested in Finney-Smith, or at least haven't been interested as of late.

"The Mavericks have not shown interest in Bridges or Nets forward Dorian Finney-Smith in recent conversations," Fischer said

This could all be smoke coming out of the Mavericks' side of things, but this would be heartbreaking for any fan who wished to see a Luka Doncic and Finney-Smith reunion in Dallas. Additionally, this wouldn't be the first time that Dallas has created a smokescreen to get a player in the past.

The former Maverick would surely be a nice addition to this year's team, but he may not be the needle mover that fans are looking for. Throughout this season, Finney-Smith has averaged 9.1 points per game while shooting 38.3 percent from downtown.

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