3 most underrated Dallas Mavericks players on NBA 2K24

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The popular NBA video game NBA 2K24 has dropped and is available on all the popular video game consoles starting today. It's a very somber year as Kobe Bryant is the cover athlete since his number in the NBA was 24.

The one thing that people seem to complain about every season is the fact that their favorite players seem to have low ratings when the video game comes out.

Some Spurs fans thought that Victor Wembanyama should have had a rating in the 90's instead of an 84 (even though that is extremely unpractical). Now, an 84 for a first-overall selection in the NBA Draft is not that bad, and Spurs fans should be happy that he is rated that high.

3 most underrated Dallas Mavericks players on NBA 2K24

Now if you are a Dallas Mavericks fan, you probably do have some credibility complaining about the player ratings as a bunch of the Mavericks got lower rankings than expected. It seems like some of the players who received low rankings should have been a few overall points higher, but they will have the chance they deserved to be higher as the season goes on.

There is plenty to be excited about as a Mavs fan with NBA 2K24, as you can play as multiple historic Mavericks teams, and the Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving duo should be fun to use.

Let's take a look at three Mavs players and see why they are underrated right now.

3. Dwight Powell

After Dwight Powell played some valuable minutes at center and hustled more than anyone on the court, you would think that he would at least be a little higher, right? Nope, he is currently ranked 5th overall on the Mavericks' roster on the video game at a 76. That seems about right for Powell, but here's why he could have been a little bit higher.

If you look at his stats, his dunk and lateral quickness need to be bumped up some. Although Powell isn't a great defender by any means, he is quicker on his feet than the game shows. He is also a good lob catcher, and his rating doesn't reflect that.

They did get some of his offensive stats correct, as he has an 85 close shot rating. 2K just underestimated him when it comes to some of his under-the-radar stats, such as quickness. I'm sure we will see Powell's 2K rating slightly go up as the season goes along, as he will be playing valuable minutes once again this season at center.

The Rockets wanted to give him a big contract this summer for a reason, and Powell could have been a bit higher.