A Dallas Mavericks fan's guide to NBA 2K24

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Dallas Mavericks, Luka Doncic, Kyrie Irving
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Every Mavs-related wrinkle in NBA 2K24

The first question you are probably asking is one that is related to the ratings of everyone on the Mavericks' roster. Fear not, as the Mavericks' starting lineup, along with their ratings, has been leaked.

Unfortunately, this list excludes everyone off of Dallas' bench, but it's nice to see that 2K hasn't given the Mavericks any unjust ratings thus far.

2K has also added "NBA templates" for fans wishing to build the archetype of their favorite players within MyCareer mode. This likely won't every single NBA role player as that would be tedious and redundant, but it seems like it will feature every All-Star, along with some other intriguing players. If that's the case, Mavericks fans will have the opportunity to create a Luka Doncic or Kyrie Irving archetype for their MyPlayer.

They'll get all of Luka or Kyrie's animations and play-style segued to the court right away, not needing to reach a threshold within a certain attribute to unlock how that player plays. Of course, the player won't be nearly as good as a basic build with a higher overall.

But the aspect of bypassing the animation and attribute selection process, en route to being able to create a Luka Doncic or Kyrie Irving prototype to play against other players online could be a really immersive Mavs experience with one of your favorite players.

Unfortunately, that feature is only on next-gen consoles and won't be applicable to the Xbox One or PS4, but Mavs fans still have multiple renditions of classic and all-time teams to look forward to if playing on outdated consoles.

The Mavericks 2002-03 team, 2011 championship team, and all-time team (best players in franchise history), will still be available in PlayNow and PlayNow Online modes regardless of console.