The 4 most overpaid Dallas Mavericks for next season

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The Dallas Mavericks' 15-man roster seems to be nearing completion, as it was reported on Tuesday that the Mavericks will waive JaVale McGee and re-sign Markieff Morris.

The McGee move was no shocker, but the Morris move was surprising as most people didn't think he was coming back. There were no reports on Morris being in Dallas' plans moving forward, but having him as the last guy off the bench isn't a bad idea.

The Mavs made their big free agency moves early, as they re-signed Kyrie Irving and signed Seth Curry on the same night. Dallas' core is looking strong, and they will be looking to help the team return to the playoffs after a disappointing end to the season in April.

Although Dallas' core is looking strong, they still have a few players that are overpaid. Here's a look at three of the most overpaid players on the Mavericks' roster.

Richaun Holmes
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4. Richaun Holmes

One of the Mavericks' most underrated moves of the summer was trading back two spots in the draft and landing a traded player exception. They later used that traded player exception to acquire the No. 24 overall pick and Richaun Holmes.

This trade was centered around Olivier-Maxence Prosper (the No. 24 overall pick), but Holmes could also turn out to be a difference-maker on this team.

Holmes will likely have the chance to fight with Dwight Powell and Dereck Lively II for the starting center spot at training camp, but that doesn't mean that he isn't overpaid.

The Kings dumped his contract for a reason, and he is set to make over $24 million over the next two seasons. This makes Holmes the fifth-highest-paid player on the roster, and he may not even play much.

Last season for the Kings, Holmes averaged 3.1 points and 1.9 rebounds per game. He didn't have much of a role on that team, but he is only two years removed from averaging over 14 points and eight rebounds per game.

Holmes likely won't replicate those numbers next season for the Mavs, but there is always a chance. Mark Cuban even went to the extent of calling Holmes "the most underrated pickup of the summer."

Calling Holmes overpaid before he plays a single game for the Mavs may seem a bit harsh, but his contract is too big to not be included on this list.