5 Massive strengths, 5 weaknesses for Mavericks heading into playoffs

Houston Rockets v Dallas Mavericks
Houston Rockets v Dallas Mavericks / Sam Hodde/GettyImages
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1. Strength: Team chemistry and unselfishness

The Dallas Mavericks have exhibited a true bond for one another all season, as we could see signs of camaraderie building between the Mavericks all the way back during their preseason trip in Abu Dhabi. That camaraderie has carried over, as the Mavericks have players on their roster that epitomize the culture that Dallas has wanted to create.

This culture starts at the top with Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving, as the dynamic duo have displayed that they have a true friendship for each other that goes beyond the basketball court. This is something that the Mavericks can’t take for granted, as there are plenty of NBA teams who don’t have the luxury of their superstars having good chemistry between one another.

The Mavericks have found a way to get everyone on their roster to buy into team success, regardless of ancillary factors such as lack of playing time for certain players. This can be evidenced by how excited the Mavericks bench gets when something exciting happens in a game for Dallas, as the Mavericks have one of the most lively benches in the NBA regardless of who is in the game.

The Mavericks' unselfish culture will be huge for their success in the playoffs, as the Mavericks have translated their off-court chemistry to the hardwood with the selfless style of basketball that they are playing in this recent stretch.

Regardless of Dallas’ matchup in the playoffs, they will win the team chemistry battle against most teams that they play against, so this certainly projects to be one of Dallas’ biggest strongholds as they enter the postseason.

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