Can LeBron James and Chris Paul reunite the "Banana Boat crew" on the Mavericks?

LeBron James, Chris Paul, Dallas Mavericks
LeBron James, Chris Paul, Dallas Mavericks / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

LeBron James and Chris Paul are long-time best friends, but have never played together.

They are always seen chatting it up before and after they play against each other, and it's no secret that they want to play for the same team one day. The window is closing as both of their careers are coming to a close within the next few years, and this summer may be the perfect time for them to team up.

The Phoenix Suns are looking into waiving Paul, and James' name is swirling around in trade rumors to the Dallas Mavericks.

Can LeBron James and Chris Paul reunite the "Banana Boat crew" on the Mavericks?

Both players seem unsure of their current situations, as Paul will be looking to sign with a contender if waived, and James has even considered retiring this summer. The two must try to play together this summer, or it won't happen.

If they want to team up, the most likely destination is playing together for the Los Angeles Lakers. They could offer Paul the mid-level exception or a veteran's minimum, and the two would finally get to play together. James is also already under contract there, meaning that the only move that LA would have to make is to sign CP3.

Another possible destination for the two is in Dallas.

Kyrie Irving has already tried recruiting James to Dallas, and if the Mavericks make a move for him they could sign Paul right after. This would finally allow the two to play together and James, Paul, Luka Doncic, and Irving would be on the same team. That team would have four future Hall of Famers on it and be must-watch television every night.

It may sound great on paper, but trading for James will diminish all of Dallas' depth. It would be a fun move, but maybe not the smartest.

Stay tuned to see what happens with Paul and the Suns and if James forces his way out of LA. The "Banana Boat crew" reuniting in Dallas may not be probable, but it isn't impossible.