Longtime NBA journalist calls Dallas Mavericks' trade for Kyrie Irving "catastrophic"

Dallas Mavericks, Kyrie Irving
Dallas Mavericks, Kyrie Irving / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

Howard Beck, a writer covering the NBA that has worked for Bleacher Report and The New York Times, joined Nick Angstadt on his podcast, Locked On Mavericks, to discuss his thoughts on the Kyrie Irving trade and the overall state of the Dallas Mavericks.

"I can't think of a midseason trade, an in-season trade, that was as catastrophic as this one," Howard Beck said. "I think it's the most catastrophic results of an in-season trade that I can recall."

Longtime NBA journalist calls Mavericks' trade for Kyrie Irving "catastrophic"

From what he said in the podcast, it doesn't seem like Beck is the biggest fan of Irving in Dallas. He discussed how Luka Doncic and Irving play with similar playstyles and "differently do a lot of the same things". 

He also talked about a conversation he had with an anonymous front office member in the NBA before the trade deadline that questioned Doncic's desire for a second star in Dallas.

"What do you think the Mavericks are going to do," Beck asked an unnamed front office member from the NBA. "The immediate response of this person was are you sure that's what Luka wants."

Even though it was reported that Doncic was pushing for Dallas to make a move at the trade deadline, this conversation with Beck and the unnamed front office member is alarming. What if Doncic wanted the Mavericks to build their team around him like the Bucks did with Giannis Antetokounmpo? Was trading for another dominant ballhandler to play alongside Doncic a mistake?

Dallas' biggest priority this summer is reportedly re-signing Irving, but it may not be the right decision. Just like Beck said, the results of the trade were "catastrophic" in terms of the team sinking in the standings following the trade. But according to Irving himself, this trade wasn't for the short term. 

If Dallas can turn things around next year while also re-signing Irving, this trade will be a success. Dallas has not been able to pair another superstar with Doncic, and this duo could win together if the front office puts the right pieces around them. This duo could potentially also have a full summer together to gain chemistry with each other and the rest of their teammates.

The front office made this trade for the future, but not re-signing Irving in the offseason completely negates that mindset and will classify this trade as a failure, as Dallas could lose him for nothing. Stay tuned to see if Irving will re-sign in Dallas or if he'll be playing elsewhere next season.

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