Mavericks GM Nico Harrison shares his thoughts on free agency plans of Kyrie Irving

Dallas Mavericks, Kyrie Irving
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The Dallas Mavericks want to re-sign Kyrie Irving this summer, but the eight-time All-Star is an unrestricted free agent. He figures to have plenty of suitors for the Mavericks to fend off, including LeBron James and the Lakers. Will Kyrie decide he wants to continue playing next to Luka Doncic in Dallas or head to another franchise?

Nobody knows for certain. Owner Mark Cuban made it clear that the team wants him back, and Doncic pulled zero punches about the subject in his exit interview with the media after the team's season finale loss to the Spurs on April 9. Irving did not speak on his future plans, but the team knows he wants a max contract. Dallas can outbid the other 29 franchises, but will they?

General manager Nico Harrison shared his thoughts on the situation during his exit interview with the media on April 11. Find out what the former Nike executive had to say about Kyrie's free agency here.

Mavericks GM Nico Harrison shares his thoughts on the free agency plans of Kyrie Irving

Irving met with the front office on Monday for his exit interview where he shared his appreciation for how he was treated during his time in Dallas. Remember, Irving arrived in February right before the Mavericks collapsed from fourth to 11th in the Western Conference. They won just seven of their final 25 games to dip to six games below .500 to finish the season. Things did not go well on the court, but there are reasons to believe that they could turn around quickly if the Mavs can improve their rebounding, rim protection, and perimeter defense this summer.

Harrison said he has “optimism” that Kyrie will be back with the Mavericks next season. The team was also optimistic about re-signing Jalen Brunson last summer before he bolted to New York in free agency. The front office deserved the blame then, and they will again if Kyrie leaves for nothing this summer. Trading two starters and three draft picks for soon-to-be free agent Irving was a massive gamble at the time, and it could quickly go bust this summer.

What does Kyrie Irving want? Nobody but the 31-year-old superstar knows at this point, but his free agency will be fascinating to watch this summer. Does Kyrie decide to play for another contender or stick with the Dallas Mavericks? Stay tuned to find out.

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