Mavericks Insider gives insight on fear of potential Luka Doncic trade

Dallas Mavericks v Atlanta Hawks
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The last season for the Dallas Mavericks was a weird one. The team was in a position to have yet another stellar season from Luka Doncic, along with a supporting cast that was pretty okay overall, until it wasn't.

Then the trade deadline came closer, and the Mavericks were a team that instantly became one rumored to land superstar guard Kyrie Irving, who recently signed an extension to be with the team through the 2025-26 season (if he accepts his player option after the second year).

That has him and Doncic playing at least two more seasons together, barring something crazy happening.

Mavs Insider gives insight on fear of potential Luka Doncic trade

And while the trade was exciting, as was the news of Irving deciding to stay around longer, the two had little success together last season. Overall, the Mavericks were 10-18 after the trade, which started the first game Irving played with the Mavericks on February 8.

With Doncic and Irving both playing, the Mavericks were 5-11, with Doncic averaging 30 points, eight rebounds, and seven assists while the two were on the court together.

The move was about making sure they gave Doncic as much help as possible.

At the end of the season, there was fear that Doncic could request a trade if the team didn't get significantly better. Doncic clearly wants to win.

However, one Mavericks insider thinks right now isn't the time to worry about Doncic being upset and wanting out of Dallas.

"Dončić is currently happy in Dallas," The Athletics' Tim Cato said (subscription required). "I think his commitment to the Mavericks is somewhat binary. He'll be happy until he's not, and then he might want to leave, but he doesn't right now... I'm not sure he'd ever request a trade away from Dallas — I can't know this, but it's my hunch."

The fear is that Doncic will want out of town if the team doesn't start winning more soon or if the team doesn't put him in good enough situations to win soon. The decision to bring in Irving last season and extend him this year shows they are trying to give Doncic some help.

It's still a fear some fans have, mainly because we have seen it happen before with other stars around the league. However, Cato, who knows a thing or two about the Mavericks and is close to sources on the team, feels that it isn't something fans should currently worry about.