Star point guard goes on pre-draft visit with Dallas Mavericks

Anthony Black, Dallas Mavericks
Anthony Black, Dallas Mavericks / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

The 2023 NBA Draft is quickly approaching, and the biggest question surrounding the Dallas Mavericks is if they will keep or trade their first-round pick.

Dallas holds the 10th overall pick and needs to add a player that can help them right now. They can either try to test their luck by drafting that option or trading it to add a proven NBA veteran.

This choice is in Mavericks general manager Nico Harrison's hands, and fans likely won't know what he wants to do until draft night.

Star point guard goes on a pre-draft visit with Dallas Mavericks

The Athletic's Tim Cato reported that Dallas wants to add a player with "physicality and athleticism" (subscription required) in this year's draft, and one particular player checks both of those boxes.

He also just happens to have taken a pre-draft visit with Dallas on Sunday night and his name is Anthony Black.

Black is a 6'7 point guard from the University of Arkansas and had a remarkable freshman season. The one-and-done guard averaged 12.8 points, 5.1 rebounds, 3.9 assists, and 2.1 steals per game.

Black also happened to have graduated from Duncanville High School, which is 15 miles away from the American Airlines Center. He wouldn't be going far if selected by Dallas, and staying home could be a bigger possibility than people realize.

He is mocked to go in the top ten, and his defense and playmaking ability could make him an elite NBA player. Dallas just happens to need both of those things.

Although Black is consistently mocked to go before the Mavericks' pick, anything can happen. Teams could doubt his shooting, and he could fall right into Dallas' lap.

Dallas needs a versatile defender, and Black could be that guy. He can guard multiple positions, and his defensive style fits exactly what Dallas wants to do.

Stay tuned to see what the Dallas Mavericks do with their tenth overall pick and if they decide to draft Black. He would be one of the best perimeter defenders on the team and have the chance to make an immediate impact.

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