New Mavericks forward deemed 'so annoying' by former Celtics teammate

According to his former Boston Celtics teammate, Marcus Smart, new Dallas Mavericks forward Grant Williams is very annoying.
Dallas Mavericks, Grant Williams, Boston Celtics
Dallas Mavericks, Grant Williams, Boston Celtics / Elsa/GettyImages

The Dallas Mavericks haven't had an "annoying" player in a while when it comes to nagging other players on the court and getting into their heads. They haven't had that Draymond Green or Dillon Brooks-type personality in a while. But they could have a guy that does that for them in 2023.

The last guy may have been JJ Barea, who somehow managed to get under even LeBron James' skin in the 2011 NBA Finals. The Mavericks need a guy like that who can stir things up a bit. They need a guy who can get the other team on their toes, almost kicked out of the game, and even get his own teammates fired up.

In 2023 that could be Grant Williams, the former Boston Celtics forward the Mavericks just traded for and paid $53 million to. In fact, Williams was so annoying on the court that one of his former teammates recently said he is the most annoying player they have ever played with.

Mavericks forward Grant Williams called 'so annoying' by former Celtics teammate Marcus Smart

"I ain't going to lie, Grant [Williams] is so annoying, it's hilarious. Love you, though," now Grizzlies guard Marcus Smart said in an interview.

Williams is a guy who does a lot of ticky-tack stuff and argues with the referees, so he is annoying in that sense too. However, the Mavericks already have Luka Doncic doing that, so one more guy couldn't hurt... right?

I think what Smart was referring to, though, was Williams' personality in general and how he is off the court. He said he was annoying but in a good way. According to Celtics insider John Karalis, Williams is annoying because "he is a nerd that won't stop talking."

Plus, he makes sure to annoy opponents on the court, which should bode well for the Mavericks.

He is big into board games, dressing up as Batman, doing his post-game locker room media availability in character, and things of that nature. So, please don't take it as bad when one of his former teammates calls him annoying.

If anything, Williams is himself, and he stays true to that. That's a guy you would love to have on your team.