Grading every Dallas Mavericks player ahead of 2024 NBA Playoffs

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12. Markieff Morris

When the Dallas Mavericks re-signed Markieff Morris in the summer of 2023, it was a move that confused some Mavs fans. Morris wasn't great in the eight games he played in for the Mavs last season, and him returning just didn't seem like a move that made sense strictly based on his on-court performance last season.

Despite the doubt from some fans regarding the re-signing of Morris, he has proved that his value stretches way beyond the hardwood. Morris averaged 2.5 points, 1.5 rebounds, and 0.6 assists per game this season in 26 games, but his biggest contribution to the team came off the court.

Morris spoke up in the locker room during Dallas' rough stretch in early March, and his leadership has been complimented by many of his teammates, including Kyrie Irving and Luka Doncic. This moment helped the Mavs go on a 16-2 towards the end of the regular season, and his vibes on the bench are always positive.

He is always cheering on his teammates, and his grade will be based more on his vibes and off-court presence than his performance on the court.

Morris gets a B for this season due to his huge contributions from the bench and as a leader. The Mavs could have signed someone who could have made more of an on-court impact, but Morris' leadership has been crucial for this team.

Markieff Morris. morris grade. B. Amazing leader and teammate. Good vibes from the bench are crucial for the playoffs