Grade the Trade idea: Mavericks form dominant trio with massive blockbuster trade

Washington Wizards v Toronto Raptors
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The Dallas Mavericks had an excellent draft night, as they added four new players to their roster.

They drafted Dereck Lively II with the No. 12 pick after trading Davis Bertans and the No. 10 pick to move back two spots. Later in the draft, they made another trade with the Sacramento Kings that unexpectedly put them back in the first round. The Mavericks took Olivier-Maxence Prosper with the No. 24 pick and acquired Richaun Holmes from the trade.

They bolstered their defense with this trade, but it doesn't seem like the Mavericks are done making moves yet.

On draft night, the Mavericks reportedly tried to flip Holmes, JaVale McGee, and Tim Hardaway Jr. for Phoenix Suns' star Deandre Ayton. The Suns didn't want McGee in this trade as he has a bad contract and limits their flexibility, so they declined. These talks are on pause for now, as it seems the Suns are sticking with Ayton, but don't rule anything out yet.

The Dallas Mavericks addressed their biggest need of adding a rim protector in Lively II, but don't seem to be done as they've reportedly inquired about trading for a new frontcourt player multiple times. They've already called about Ayton, and the newest rumblings show they're interested in a dominant power forward from the Eastern Conference.

The Mavericks are nowhere close to being content with their roster and still need to make a few more moves to become serious contenders.

Here's a look at a trade between the Mavs and Raptors that gives the Mavs a third star and gives Toronto more depth.