12 Free agents Dallas Mavericks must pursue after Klay Thompson signing

Klay Thompson
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4. Patrick Beverley

The Dallas Mavericks can surprise fans by bringing in Patrick Beverley on a minimum deal. Given his desire to compete at the highest levels, he is one of the franchise's most realistic targets in free agency.

If he joins the Mavs, he can provide the squad with infectious energy, toughness, and some playmaking off the bench. Naturally, his defense would be his most valuable contribution to the team, as he could take on the most difficult defensive assignment on the perimeter to help Luka Doncic, Kyrie Irving, and even Klay Thompson conserve energy on that end.

An underrated impact Beverley could also have on Dallas is his penchant for protecting his teammates. Time and time again, opponents have tried to be extra physical with Doncic. However, they would have to think twice before doing so if the professional pest is on the floor to have the five-time All-NBA First-Team selection's back.

In addition, Beverley would be right at home with the Mavs because he and "Luka Magic" are notorious for running their mouth. The podcast host even named Doncic the top trash-talker in the league last season.

But if Dallas does sign Beverley, it would have to wait a while for him to debut in a Mavs jersey because he will start the 2024-25 regular season with a four-game suspension.