3 starting, 3 backup, and 3 rotation center targets for Mavericks in free agency

As the Dallas Mavericks prepare to enter free agency, here are three starting, three backup, and three rotation center targets for them to consider.
Dallas Mavericks, NBA Free Agency, Brook Lopez
Dallas Mavericks, NBA Free Agency, Brook Lopez / John Fisher/GettyImages
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A lot of work needs to be done this summer if the Dallas Mavericks want to implant themselves in the championship race heading into next season, especially after their failures this past year.

The Mavericks followed up a run to the Western Conference finals with a season that ended in them missing the Play-In Tournament entirely. A massive step backward.

Dallas even made a massive blockbuster trade at the deadline, landing them star point guard Kyrie Irving, who they will need to re-sign this offseason, as he is an unrestricted free agent.

3 starting, 3 backup, and 3 rotation center targets for Dallas Mavericks in free agency

Perhaps most importantly, though, the Mavericks need to reshape their center position, a goal that started at the 2023 NBA Draft, where they made a flurry of moves.

They traded back in the draft and selected Duke big man Dereck Lively II, and then they used the TPE they acquired from the trade to land veteran center Richaun Holmes.

Lively has the potential to grow into a quality starting center, and Holmes can give the Mavericks solid minutes at the position, too, but they could still use some more help.

Neither jumps off the page as a championship-caliber starting center. At least, not yet, in the case of Lively. And while there may not be many starting-caliber centers on the market in free agency, they could at least look to bring in more support and run a center-by-committee rotation.

With all that being said, here are three starting-caliber centers, three backups, and three rotation guys the Mavericks could look to sign in free agency this summer.