3 former teammates of Kyrie Irving that the Mavericks should target

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1. Jarrett Allen

Jarrett Allen played with the Brooklyn Nets for about a season and some change before he was traded to Cleveland in the massive four-team deal that sent James Harden to Brooklyn. He gelled very well with Kyrie Irving as a pick-and-roll partner in his short time there though, and his defensive presence throughout his NBA career has been well-documented.

Allen has been sprinkled in some trade rumors this past season with Evan Mobley expecting to be the big man of the future in Cleveland, but there hasn't been anything definitive suggesting the Cavaliers are ready to move on from the twin towers tandem quite yet.

If Cleveland did somehow try to ship Allen off and Dallas was able to get in on it with their current assets, Dallas would bring in the surefire veteran rim protector that they have been coveting. Allen is only 25 and has three seasons remaining on his contract at an even $20 million owed to him every season throughout that deal.

Allen would be the perfect center to bring in for Dallas. He's an excellent rim protector and rebounder and has gotten better as a rim runner and post-scorer in Cleveland. Allen was an All-Star in 2022 and could reach another level offensively with a dynamic offensive creator in Luka Doncic setting him up in the pick and roll.

He already has good chemistry with Kyrie Irving too, and even though the extent of their relationship off the court is unknown, Kyrie would assuredly jump at the opportunity to try and steer Allen toward Dallas if he had any say in it. The Mavericks would effectively be thrust into contenders if they added Allen, and he'd be a great role model and competition for rookie Dereck Lively II.

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