Top 10 dream trade targets for the Dallas Mavericks this season

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4. Jarrett Allen

Standing at just 6-foot-9 with an insane 7-foot-6 wingspan, Jarrett Allen has become one of the league's best shot blockers in recent memory. He has become the defensive anchor for the Cleveland Cavaliers since his arrival in 2020.

Jarrett Allen has spent a successful four years in Cleveland, but unfortunately for Allen, his time could be nearing an end. In the first round of the 2023 Playoffs, the Cavs were prepared for a long series against the New York Knicks. Many believed this would be a long series that the Cavaliers would inch out in games six or seven, but it would soon be the complete opposite.

The New York Knicks would dominate every game besides game two. This was in large part due to the lackluster play of Allen throughout the whole series. Since this monumental meltdown by Allen, the Cavaliers have been openly listening to shoppers for Allen, one of those shoppers happens to be the Mavericks.

With Jarrett Allen, the Dallas Mavericks would get a generational talent at the five. Allen would likely bolster every aspect of the game. His massive presence would be both felt on offense and defense. Catching lobs from Luka Doncic and blocking shots on the opposing end would be all that's asked of Allen in his time in Dallas.

It's hard to point out any on-court negatives when Allen is on the court. Being the only legit five on the floor at all times for the Mavs would greatly benefit both parties, and Allen could once again get his feet under him and become the elite shot blocker he once was.