A Dallas Mavericks fan's guide to NBA 2K24

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New features for the overall game, and things Mavs fans can look forward to in general with NBA 2K24

NBA 2K24 is poised to have extremely enhanced gameplay and graphics. It will also be bringing back signature game modes MyNBA and MyTeam, along with a 'Mamba Moments" game mode that will be a commemorative simulation of Kobe Bryant's historic career with the Los Angeles Lakers.

2K is making tons of changes to their MyCareer mode as well, which has come under fire by critics for getting worse over the last couple of years.

They will still carry "The City" over on next-gen consoles and "The Neighborhood" over for current-gen consoles. But per developers and game changers, tons of tweaks to the animations, progression system, and badge system for MyCareer seem to be in play for this year's 2K rendition, as well as the re-introduction of affiliations.

2K24 is also set to feature celebrity appearances court-side once again, as they've made the fanfare ultra-realistic in this year's game. Mavs' owner Mark Cuban can even be seen court-side in one of the Mamba Moments' games, as the Mavs' throwback green jerseys and Cuban's younger appearance are truly emblematic of the mid-2000s.

2K had done its disservices to the Mavericks in the past, as they continually flail on Dirk's longer hair and undervalue certain Mavericks' role players year after year. However, with the gameplay and MyCareer mode already looking as realistic and enticing as ever, along with the other cool features the game is looking to provide, it might be worth a shot this year.

I would advise you to make the effort to get the next-gen version of the game instead if that is applicable for you though, because the current-gen rendition of 2K24 has a very good chance of being of the same ilk as the current-gen 2K23 product.

The current-gen version has been diminishing in value year after year at this point, and 2K will only put less and less effort into it going forward.

NBA 2K24 looks extremely promising thus far, but time will only tell if it can fill the entire void of the endless amount of demands and tweaks that fans have every year for the game. One can only hope it draws back on games of old, such as 2K16 or 2K17, en route to becoming the true immersive NBA video game experience that a Mavericks fan could hope for.