Source: Former Mavericks fan-favorite wing 'would love' to return to Dallas

Utah Jazz v Dallas Mavericks
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One of the hardest moments for Dallas Mavericks fans was when they traded for Kyrie Irving in February.

Dallas was landing an all-time great point guard in Irving, but they had to part with a fan-favorite wing who built his career from the ground up with the Mavericks.

Dallas had to send the Brooklyn Nets Dorian Finney-Smith as part of the deal, and losing him wasn't easy for the organization or fans.

Source: Former Mavericks fan-favorite wing 'would love' to return to Dallas

Finney-Smith went from going undrafted to being a solidified starter in the NBA with Dallas, and he was the heart of the team when he was on the roster.

Finney-Smith returned to Dallas on Friday night for the first time, and the Mavs ended up winning the game behind a magnificent performance from Luka Doncic.

Doncic is one of Finney-Smith's best friends, and the two shared multiple laughs and conversations at the American Airlines Center that night. The two reportedly went to dinner after the game as well, and Luka made it clear that he wanted to play with Finney-Smith again one day after the game.

The two had great on-court chemistry, and Finney-Smith's 3-and-D abilites flourished next to Doncic.

According to a source close to Finney-Smith, he "would love to come back to Dallas one day."

"It would be nice, and he would love to [return to Dallas], but those things have to play out," a source told The Smoking Cuban. "It would have been nice if he could have stayed to play with Kyrie [Irving], but Brooklyn wanted Doe [Finney-Smith] in the mix to make it happen."

The source also detailed "if possible, he'd be back, and [Dallas] would probably want him back."

Finney-Smith and the Mavericks have deep ties, and the relationship between the two continued even after he was traded. The Mavs helped get Finney-Smith's dad out of prison after the trade and earn parole, and for that, Finney-Smith is forever grateful.

Finney-Smith's relationship with Doncic and his love for the organization could bring him back one day, and it seems like something he'd be excited about if ever given the chance. He isn't forcing his way out of Brooklyn by any means, but a return to the Mavericks seems like something that both sides would want one day.

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