10 Defensive anchor free agents the Dallas Mavericks should target this offseason

Dallas Mavericks, Draymond Green, Dillon Brooks
Dallas Mavericks, Draymond Green, Dillon Brooks / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages
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10. Draymond Green

Of all the options available to the Dallas Mavericks, this one is one of the least likely. But with the way the Golden State Warriors were eliminated from the postseason this year, anything is possible.

There has been a ton of smoke surrounding Green’s future with the Warriors all season long. And if there’s any player who could step in and change the tone for the Mavericks on defense, it would be him.

Green, a former Defensive Player of the Year, is one of the greatest defensive players in the history of basketball. His post-defense and ability to get out on the perimeter as a forward make him extremely versatile.

That being said, his most valuable asset is his brain. He has a knack for always being in the right place, and more importantly, he helps ensure that his teammates are in the right spot as well.

The future Hall-of-Famer is simply special on the defensive end and would be able to completely shift Dallas’ way of thinking. It wouldn’t solve all of the team’s problems, but he would get them closer to that point than any other single player.

Again, the likelihood of Green signing in Dallas is slim, especially if he wants a big-time payday. But he’s been linked to Luka Doncic before, so maybe he’d take a pay cut to play with the Slovenian star.

Important note: The Mavericks would likely only have enough to make this work if they let Kyrie Irving and Christian Wood walk.