Mavericks' newest rivalry fueled by scheduled Christmas Day game

Luka Doncic and the Dallas Mavericks will take on Devin Booker and the Phoenix Suns on Christmas Day this year.
Dallas Mavericks, Phoenix Suns, Christmas Day
Dallas Mavericks, Phoenix Suns, Christmas Day / Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Mavericks and their fans should clear out their schedule for Christmas Day, as the NBA just rewarded them with a game everyone wants to see.

One of the best and biggest rivalries that everyone loves to watch is the Mavericks and Phoenix Suns. The two teams met in the postseason two years ago, and that is where the infamous "everybody loves to talk when they are up" quote from Luka Doncic came from.

He ended up closing out the series in crazy fashion, scoring more points than the Suns' entire team did at the half - a feat that is extremely rare, especially when it comes to the postseason.

Even this past year, when the two teams played each other, things got a bit chippy. It's become very clear that the two squads don't like each other. Fireworks go off anytime they play.

Now, they get to play on Christmas Day in front of the entire NBA world.

Dallas Mavericks will play Phoenix Suns on Christmas Day

Christmas Day games are usually granted to teams that have a history with one another or just don't like each other. The five games this year are the Milwaukee Bucks at the New York Knicks, the Philadelphia 76ers at the Miami Heat, the Boston Celtics at the Los Angeles Lakers, the Mavericks at the Suns, and the Golden State Warriors at the Denver Nuggets.

We still don't know what time slot the Mavericks will be playing in, but we know that Luka Doncic loves playing on Christmas Day.

"It's great – especially the primetime in Slovenia [part]," Doncic said last year. "All of my friends and family can watch."

Doncic finished his last Christmas Day game with 32 points, nine rebounds, nine assists, and a win over the Lakers. This will be the seventh Christmas Day game in the Mavericks' history, as they are 3-3 in those games. This is the Mavericks' fourth year in a row with a Christmas Day game. Before 2020, their last one was in 2011.

It's clear that Doncic is bringing eyes to Dallas, and his blossoming rivalry with Devin Booker will make sure that their Christmas Day game shines bright.