Newly-signed Mavericks wing fuels Suns rivalry with comments on Devin Booker

Boston Celtics v Phoenix Suns
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The Dallas Mavericks and Phoenix Suns rivalry is one of the biggest new rivalries in the Western Conference, and Grant Williams just added fuel to the fire.

This rivalry started in the second round of the 2022 NBA Playoffs when the Mavs defeated the Suns in seven games. The Mavericks were not picked to win this series, and they upset the No. 1 seed Suns after being down 2-0.

There was plenty of chatter in this series, including Devin Booker's "Luka special" comment regarding Luka Doncic's flopping and Doncic's "Everybody acting tough when they up" comment after Dallas' game two loss.

Newly-signed Mavericks wing fuels Suns rivalry with comments on Devin Booker

This rivalry carried into the following season as the Mavs and Suns had a heated game in early March. This game ended with Doncic missing a bunny right at the rim, and Booker immediately started talking trash to Doncic and getting into a small scuffle that ended with players from both teams separating the two stars. Both players were assessed technical fouls, and they made it blatantly obvious that they didn't like each other.

Now that Williams is on the Mavericks as he was acquired through a three-team sign and trade, he's ready to contribute to the brewing rivalry between Doncic's Mavs and Booker's Suns.

Williams was on JJ Reddick's podcast, "The Old Man and the Three," and was asked about who talks the most trash to him. He responded with Devin Booker but then added something that will have Mavs fans excited for the first Suns-Mavs matchup of next season.

"I think that actually helps because we’re in Dallas now, and Phoenix and him and Luka already have this little beef going. I might be able to join in on some competitive vibes."

Grant Williams

Williams touched on a story from last season when he and Booker were talking trash for an entire game, but the important part of this segment is that Williams understands the rivalry that he is coming into, and he isn't taking it lightly.

This is exciting for Mavs fans because it adds fuel to the fire of the Mavs-Suns rivalry (and who doesn't love rivalries). Booker and the Suns got the best of Doncic and the Mavs last time they played, but Williams is ready for the "competitive vibes" of this rivalry as he embarks on his first season with Dallas.

Williams is known for not backing down from anyone, and Booker and the Phoenix Suns will be no different. Doncic and Booker's rivalry will likely continue but don't count out Williams from throwing some trash talk Booker's way.

We'll have you covered with all the latest news and rumors surrounding Williams and the Mavs, so stay tuned.