4 Realistic Christian Wood sign-and-trades that would benefit the Mavericks

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The Dallas Mavericks made significant roster upgrades this offseason. From bringing back Kyrie Irving to adding Grant Williams and drafting Dereck Lively and Olivier Maxence-Prosper, the front office found a way to improve their talent and depth around Luka Doncic, but they may not be done. Christian Wood remains a free agent, and Dallas is eager to make more moves.

Wood’s value plummeted with the Mavericks as he struggled to impact winning. He will not return to Dallas, but the team has not ruled out a sign-and-trade (subscription required). The Mavs are already hard-capped after the Grant Williams deal, and Marc Stein makes it clear that they will only trade Wood if they can upgrade their roster.

What could Dallas get? Multiple teams are still searching for center upgrades, and C-Wood is no stranger to putting up numbers. Are there realistic trades out there? Sign-and-trades are always difficult to make because of the rules, but there are deals out there.

Christian Wood sign-and-trades that would benefit the Dallas Mavericks

4. Cavs get backup big man upgrade

The Cavaliers are already hard-capped after the Max Strus sign-and-trade, so both teams are limited to spending $172 million on their roster this season. That forces Christian Wood to take a three-year deal worth $25.2 million, which is well above the minimum, but significantly below the $41 million he earned over the last three seasons.

Does he want to go to Cleveland to play behind Jarrett Allen and Evan Mobley? The Cavaliers also signed George Niang, so the frontcourt has plenty of options. It is a chance for Wood to join a contender, and he could get his first NBA playoff experience if this deal goes down.

Cavs CWood S&T

Dean Wade is not the perfect fit in Dallas, but he gives the Mavericks size, floor spacing, and someone comfortable operating without the ball in his hands. He could play a 20-minute-per-game role behind Grant Williams and Maxi Kleber, and Wade provides some versatility and flexibility to the Mavs roster.

If the Cavaliers are interested in Christian Wood, this gives the Dallas Mavericks a chance to add another capable role player for someone that they have zero plans of bringing back.