4 Dallas Mavericks who have surprisingly been bench warmers this season

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3. Maxi Kleber

Maxi Kleber hasn't been a bench warmer by any means when he's been healthy, but his minutes being as low as they have been landed him on this list.

Over the last five seasons, Kleber has averaged over 20 minutes per game, and he has averaged over 24 minutes per game in the last four seasons. He has been an integral part of Dallas' roster since his rookie year, but things have started to head downhill for Kleber this season.

Last season, Kleber tore his hamstring.

This season he dislocated his toe and he is out for a couple of weeks per Mavs head Jason Kidd.

This is bad news for Dallas, but the fact that he is playing so poorly combined with his minutes already being down should help lessen the blow.

Kleber is nowhere close to the same defender he was, and the three-year, $33 million extension that Dallas gave him last offseason is not looking the best. At the time, this deal was a bargain for Dallas, but injuries combined with poor play could turn Kleber into someone that the front office may want to move on from.

Time will tell if Kleber can return to playing at a high level, but it wouldn't be a surprise if Dallas continues to not utilize him as much.