5 questions Dallas Mavericks must answer after the All-Star break

Tyler Watts
Dallas Mavericks, Kyrie Irving, Luka Doncic
Dallas Mavericks, Kyrie Irving, Luka Doncic / Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports
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Can Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving become an elite duo for the Dallas Mavericks?

Fans have seen just two games with Doncic and Irving sharing the floor. The Mavs lost both times, but they offered glimpses of just how special their new superstar tandem could be.

In their 58 minutes together on the floor, the team has a 125.9 offensive rating and a 7.2 net rating. The best offense in the NBA is the Nuggets with a 117.6 offensive rating, and the Celtics have the best net rating at 6.2. The Mavs with Luka and Kyrie would be the best team in both categories if the tiny sample holds up.

Doncic and Irving are still figuring out how to play together. Their game of hot potato in the final seconds of the Mavs loss to the Timberwolves proved it. Each man was trying to get the other the final shot. Things will only improve from here, but how much will be the difference between title contention and a first-round playoff exit?

The Dallas Mavericks increasing their tempo and moving the ball more are two things that immediately jumped out when Luka and Kyrie played together. Everyone is committed to making the most out of this partnership and that spells trouble for the rest of the NBA.