NBA Draft expert thinks two dream targets will fall to Dallas

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The 2023 NBA Draft is exactly six days away and excitement is building around the league.

The Dallas Mavericks hold the 10th overall pick in this year's draft, and rumors have been flying about what they may do with the selection. Signs are pointing to Dallas trading back in the draft rather than trading out, but nothing is certain.

They need to nail this pick, so the pressure is on Nico Harrison and the front office to make the right selection.

NBA Draft expert thinks two dream targets will fall to Dallas

Rafael Barlowe, NBA Draft expert, and host of Locked on NBA Big Board, was a guest speaker on Locked On Mavericks on Thursday and said something that will excite Mavs' fans.

He said he thinks Taylor Hendricks and Anthony Black will fall to the 10th overall pick. This is shocking as both players have been consistently mocked to go before Dallas' pick. The Mavericks would be thrilled if the first nine picks played out like that, as they'd have a choice between two players that would fit great in Dallas.

Black would be a great facilitator to bring off the bench and lead the second unit. He has a great feel for the game and would provide the Mavericks with some insurance at guard if Kyrie Irving decides to walk. He is also a great defender that can guard 1-3.

Black has already been on his pre-draft visit with Dallas, and the Mavs reportedly "really liked" him. If he's there at 10, it would be hard to pass up on him.

Hendricks, on the other hand, is a 3-and-D wing that Dallas needs badly. He is 6'9 and can play both small forward and power forward. Hendricks is a solid perimeter defender, but he's best at protecting the rim from the help side. He isn't afraid to get dunked on and brings great effort.

Stay tuned to see what the Mavericks do in the 2023 NBA Draft. Either one of these prospects falling to 10 would be awesome, and Harrison would be tasked with the difficult decision of picking between the two.