Could Dallas Mavericks trade Reggie Bullock for Collin Sexton? Should they?

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Should the Dallas Mavericks trade Reggie Bullock for Collin Sexton?

No. The Mavs cannot do this deal because it would trigger the hard cap. The base year compensation rule makes the trade math work in sending Bullock for Sexton, but it would increase the Mavericks' salary payment to $177.4 million, and they would need to get below the $156.9 million tax apron for next season.

It would cost the Mavs at least one additional first-round pick to clear the $20.5 million necessary to make their roster legal. The Dallas Mavericks could hypothetically do the trade, but in reality, trading two first-round picks, Reggie Bullock, Tim Hardaway Jr., and Frank Ntilikina for Collin Sexton makes little sense. That would put Dallas right near the hard cap all season, and limit their in-season flexibility with just 12 players on their roster.

MFFLs want the Mavs front office to trade for Collin Sexton, but they cannot make it happen without giving up multiple first-round picks and key rotation players. Sexton is not a superstar, so doing that makes little sense.

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It will be interesting to see if Dallas deals a first-round pick at the deadline. They could wait until after the 2023 draft when they would control all of their future firsts as it opens the door for the Mavericks to trade for a second star. Can they wait and find the right deal? It won’t be for Collin Sexton, but it is something worth watching closely over the next year.