Dallas Mavericks all-time draft bust starting 5

Dallas Mavericks, Dennis Smith, Jr.
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The Dallas Mavericks do not have the best track record in the draft. They acquired Luka Doncic and Dirk Nowitzki through draft night trades, but the Mavs technically did not draft either player. Dirk kept Dallas in the playoffs for nearly 16 years straight, so the Mavericks largely avoided the draft as they were picking late in the first round.

There have been several hits in the draft. Beyond Dirk and Doncic, Dallas drafted Jason Kidd, Rolando Blackmon, Derek Harper, Josh Howard, Mark Aguirre, Sam Perkins, and Detlef Schrempf. Each turned in strong careers throughout the team’s 42 seasons.

There were plenty of busts too, but who rounds out the team’s starting five? The Mavericks have more frequently missed on big men, and multiple times selected busts in the top ten. Here is a look at the team’s worst picks.

Dallas Mavericks all-time draft bust starting 5

It is nearly impossible to be a draft bust selected in the second round. The hit rate on those picks is less than 50 percent, so only first-round picks were considered.

A handful of players just missed the cut for this list including Cherokee Parks, Kelvin Cato, Uwe Blab, Jim Jackson, and Roy Tarpley. Jackson was the only wing who narrowly missed. The fourth overall pick in 1992 played 14 years in the NBA, but he never became a star. The other big men on the list all had a case for inclusion but were just on the outside looking in.

The competition was fierce, and here is the Dallas Mavericks' all-time draft busts starting five.