3 Most important Mavericks roster decisions Nico Harrison must make in 2023

Dallas Mavericks, Nico Harrison, Mark Cuban
Dallas Mavericks, Nico Harrison, Mark Cuban / SOPA Images/GettyImages
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The Dallas Mavericks enter the 2022-2023 season planning to build on last year’s Western Conference finals run. Luka Doncic improved this summer, and their added frontcourt depth gives head coach Jason Kidd more options in crucial moments. Jalen Brunson left in free agency, but the Mavs believe they have the pieces to go on another deep playoff run.

The Mavs are still trying to build an annual title contender around Doncic. It became clear during his rookie season that Luka was destined for greatness. He is already one of the top five players in the NBA, but the team has not found the pieces around him that push the Mavericks into the title picture. Doncic is entering year five, and Nico Harrison is starting year two as president of basketball operations and general manager. Can he make Dallas into an annual title contender?

It is an important year for Harrison and the Mavs. Luka is in the first year of his extension, but the 23-year-old will be able to turn up the heat in two years if Dallas is not contending. Here are the three most important roster decisions Harrison must make this season as he tries to build a championship team around number 77.

Should Dallas Mavericks improve their roster now or save draft capital to trade for a star?

This is the biggest question for Dallas this season. They could put their 2027 first-round pick on the table and trade for a veteran role player that helps them win more games right now, or they can stockpile those picks, so when their 2023 first-rounder conveys to the Knicks from the original Kristaps Porzingis trade, they have a full complement to deal.

Do they get an impactful role player now, or wait and go star hunting in the summer of 2023? That decision lays squarely on the shoulders of Nico Harrison, and the results could define his tenure as Mavericks GM. If they upgrade now but fail to become title contenders, Luka Doncic could leave Dallas and force the Mavs to rebuild. There are no guarantees the Mavs land a star, but not trying could be the reason Harrison and the team lose Luka.

It is far from the only important decision Nico faces this season, and many of them have significant short and long-term implications for the franchise.