Mavericks: Boban Marjanovic provides fans with hilarious song and dance

Dallas Mavericks Boban Marjanovic Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports
Dallas Mavericks Boban Marjanovic Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports /

Dallas Mavericks: Boban Marjanovic provides hilarious song and dance for fans

The Dallas Mavericks are back to work. They had their first five-on-five practice on Dec. 6, where coach Rick Carlisle described the scrimmage as “very spirited”. The return of Mavs basketball means incredible plays from Luka and hilarious content from Boban Marjanovic.

The Mavericks signed Bobi in the 2019 offseason, and fans immediately fell in love. The 7’4 big man brightens every room. He made a massive impact on the court during the Walt Disney World restart too. Supporters are not the only ones that are glad Marjanovic is back for his second season in Dallas. Kristaps Porzingis showed him love at the team’s facility last month.

Fans missed out on a plethora of Bobi content from the traditional media day, but the Mavs did not disappoint. They posted a must-see video of Marjanovic on Dec. 6.

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Boban Marjanovic does a song and dance at the Dallas Mavericks practice facility

The Mavericks have talked about their team chemistry a lot this week in regards to the new additions. Boban is one of the glue players that makes it all work. He did a song and dance for the camera at the practice facility to celebrate the Mavs being back at work.

Everyone knows exactly how Marjanovic does it. The 7’4 big man is hilarious. Supporters are lucky he is a Maverick.

Fans are excited about the 2020-2021 season. The Mavericks improved their defense significantly and plan on jumping into title contention. That will take incredible performances from Luka Doncic as he leads Dallas. Expect Boban to be the key piece in a few wins too. His ability to dominate the paint and change the game makes the Mavs even more dangerous.

The Smoking Cuban will have the Boban Marjanovic and Dallas Mavericks content fans crave this season, so please check back with us often to catch every post.

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